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Because we believe that the best gatherings happen around a table, at Katy Ring we offer different cooking workshops, from healthy eating to customized and themed classes, taught in English or Spanish.

Be it in our kitchen, or yours with a group of up to 10, you will meet Natalia, founder of K-T-Ring, to learn delicious recipes and tips to ease your way to cook. Natalia will welcome you into the kitchen to cook and chat about gastronomy, healthy choices, and culture behind food. And you will soon learn from her that there is a lot more about cooking than meets the (hungry) eye.

In these workshops, you will actively participate in the cooking process. You will also learn tips and tricks about buying, storing, preparing, and serving food – and, obviously, you will taste your own creations! You will take home a memorable experience, alongside a collection of 5 to 8 recipes which you can easily cook anywhere, anytime.

UPDATE: Due to recent COVID-19 regulations, we are offering online classes via Zoom. These include group lessons, private group lessons for your family and friends and one-on-one lessons. 

We are extremely flexible with your needs (recipe choice, time, dietary restrictions, etc.).

Give us a call and we will organize a class that works for you.

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